On my walk I was humming the tune of „Dream a little dream of me“ (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6TmogXhOZ8)

and these wods somehow hummed themselves up.

(My son thinks my lyrics are utter rubbish, but I‘m nevertheless posting it 🙈)

A blue dome, trimmed white, above me,

Mild breeze on my face, oh, how lovely,

Green grass glistens under my feet,

The whole world so brightly lit,

A creek murmurs his song gently,

My heart is tuning in so intently,

Pink blossoms bloom on cherry trees,

Birds are chirping beneath,

A grey road is slowly unfolding,

Stills my every craving and yearning,

With butterflies‘ fluttering wings

My heart rises up and sings…