A writing challenge from the “Wonderbook. The illustrated guide to creating imaginative fiction”A9C8060A-860E-4D68-BB01-A6B7CED1D4B2
(see the task on the photograph:))
Once upon a time there lived an opera librettist who was also a passionate cook. On a beautiful sunny morning he was trying to channel some imaginative plot for his new libretto. He was thinking of some melancholic oriental-style love story a la Mme Butterfly. Beforehand he had been to the local market hall and bought a giant exotic fish with flippers looking like sleeves of kimono.
It now was awaiting its destiny in a giant crystal bowl in the kitchen.
Here we have to add that that special fish was very fond of singing, on the long moonlit nights it used to stick its head out of the water and listen to the mermaids chanting on the dark rocks and leading fishermen‘s boats into a deadly trap. Step by step the fish itself learned the art of singing and even entertained its brethren with some operatic quality performances. So much about being as mute as a fish. Upon hearing the librettist humming a tune from „Mme Butterfly“ the fish couldn‘t contain itself, jumped out of the bowl and crept into the living room, posed in front of the bewildered host, outstreched its kimono-like flippers, filled its big belly with as much air as possible and began to bellow out the most enchanting mermaids‘ love song.
It was indeed the most beautiful love aria the librettist had ever heard in his lifetime and he had heard a whole lot of them.
Upon hearing he broke out in tears. No, he wasn‘t able to commit such a barbarity and cook a kindred artistic spirit.
So he decided to make the fish his new primadonna, put the scenery into a giant swimming pool and let the spectators float with their ears under water and listen to the spherical sounds of this heavenly voice.